Staying Safe on the Internet

The Internet is a place where our students-your daughters-have grown up. It is where they socialise, listen to music, learn new things, share their thoughts and play games. As a parent it may feel impossible to keep up-to-date with what is 'trending' or it can be frightening to imagine what your child might come across online. We appreciate you want to be able to protect them and give them the tools to navigate their way safely through their virtual life.

There is a host of information online, for parents, which can feel overwhelming. Here we have linked practical tips, from online safety professionals, which will help minimise the risks your daughter might face online. This site is updated regularly, so please check back!

Social media guides

Find out more about the safety features available on these popular social networks.

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UK Safer Internet Centre.

Social Media Guides

Safety tools online

Safety features that can help you manage access to age-inappropriate content, report concerns or protect privacy

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UK Safer Internet Centre.

Safety Tools

Help keep your child safe online

Advice and resources to support you to use the internet safely and positively.

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UK Safer Internet Centre.

Tips for Parents and Carers

ISP Filtering

Guides and advice about ISP (Internet Service Provider) network level internet filtering.

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Broadband Genie.

ISP filtering Guides

Digital Parenting

Digital Parenting is produced by Vodaphone has helped families get to grips with the digital world.
The magazine is sent home with pupils as it comes out.

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Vodaphone Digital Parenting.

Digital Parenting Magazine

Online Safety Newsletter Safeguarding Hub

A guide to Parental Controls

Internet Matters - Parent age guides