Principal's Welcome

It is my privilege to welcome you to Ashfield Girls’ High School. Founded in 1948, our school has served the local community for over seventy years. The recently built, state of the art facilities have helped secure our school’s reputation as a centre of excellence for learning. I am delighted to take up my new position as Principal and will work diligently under the strategic leadership of the Board of Governors, to ensure the continued success of Ashfield Girls’ High School.

Ashfield’s greatest resource is its professional and highly skilled staff. We are fully committed to further developing our pupils’ individual curiosity, creativity and love of learning. As a learning community built by learning leaders, we focus on providing a broad and balanced curriculum that builds the knowledge and skills essential for success in a continuously changing and technologically advancing global economy. Our commitment to mastery learning, through the development of a positive mindset, is a core principle that reinforces our belief that with effort and persistence every pupils’ learning can be limitless.

As an all ability learning community, we challenge and support our pupils to excel in their academic studies; to develop sector prescribed standards through vocational qualifications; to participate in the varied cross-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities through the extended schools programme and to fully embrace a wealth of pupil leadership roles. Our GCSE and A-Level examination results are a continued source of great pride, which reflect positively on the challenging and supportive learning environment. One of the strengths underpinning our excellent results is our pastoral care provision, we care. Our pastoral care system reflects this core value. All form tutors and class teachers work diligently with our pupils to support their individual aspirations and expectations.

In Ashfield we value the strong partnership we have established with parents and carers. We welcome all parents and carers into our school and value the important contribution they make. The Parents and Friends of Ashfield Association provides additional resources and opportunities for our pupils. Our sustained engagement in the East Belfast Area Learning Community enables us to work collaboratively with all schools in East Belfast to maximise opportunities for all our pupils.

Our school motto is “Each Different. Each Talented. All valued”. We are proud to see our pupils leave Ashfield Girls’ High School as independent, confident and articulate young people ready to embark on their chosen career pathway. I hope that our website gives you a sense of our vibrant and caring learning community. I would encourage you to visit Ashfield Girls’ High School to experience the outstanding educational opportunities we offer.

Mrs Louise Hanvey