p Ashfield Girls' High School

School Nurse

Pupils should speak to their teacher if they are feeling unwell and want to visit the School Nurse. The teacher will give the pupil a referral slip. Pupils visiting the medical room also need to bring their pupil planners.

The School Nurse will listen to the pupil and find out about her ailment or reason for visiting the medical room. The School Nurse will decide how to best treat your daughter. In most cases she will send the pupil back to class. If necessary the School Nurse will make arrangements to send your pupil home by contacting the parent or carer who can then collect her from school.

Please note the following:

  • It is vitally important that contact telephone numbers (home, work and mobile) are up to date
  • No pupil should make personal arrangements to go home without permission from Nurse Williamson or her form tutor (only adults can make this call)
  • School should be notified ASAP of any changes to your daughter’s health. Medicines

The nurse should be informed of any health problems. Parents should give written permission and instructions for the administration of essential medication during the school day. (FormAM1)

The nurse will keep a record of all visits made to her and will speak to the form tutor if she is concerned about the frequency of your daughter’s visits.