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For further information and guidance you can contact the Post Primary Admissions team.

Email: postprimaryadmissions@eani.org.uk
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Admissions Criteria

The school is an 11-18 all ability school which provides a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stages 3 & 4 leading to a wide variety of public examinations and accreditation.

At post-16, the school offers students a range of subjects at AS and A2. Matching the student to the course is of prime importance as is her continued personal and social development.

The PHSE programme includes units on citizenship, human rights, careers and of course, religious education and physical education.

Entrepreneurial skills are fostered for all students via KS 3 Business classes and developed for many others through courses at KS4 and 5. Many students have an opportunity further develop their entrepreneurial skills by participation in Young Enterprise Programmes.

What our parents say

Year 14

My daughter has attended Ashfield Girls’ for five years and is currently studying for her A levels. During these years the school has enabled her to achieve her academic goals and has equipped her with many skills and experiences through the extra-curricular activities that the school offers including music and sports. The excellent Principal and teaching staff have been so supportive and have enabled my daughter to achieve great success at GCSE level (with 8As and 1A*) – an achievement she can be proud of throughout her life. She has enjoyed so many wonderful opportunities such as: musical performances, competitive sports, school productions and really enjoyed the sixth-year trip to New York. The school ethos is to ensure the girls reach their true potential, “Each different. Each talented. All valued.”. I have found this to be true of both daughters who have attended Ashfield. My other daughter was deputy head girl and is now studying linguistics at University. I am very grateful to Ashfield for providing an environment where academic success is achievable in a place where the girls can develop into confident, caring young adults, ready and equipped for the next stage in life.

Judy – Parent of Shemayah in Year 14

Year 9

As a mother, when your child starts ‘big school’, its’ a nervous time for both parent and pupil. I was immediately put at ease by the friendly approach and professionalism of Ashfield Girls’ High School’s staff. When my daughter Hannah first started, like most first years, she was overwhelmed by the size of everything compared to primary school. The commitment and encouragement from the teaching staff helped guide Hannah through her high school journey. I will always remember the day when Hannah came home from school and told me that she had been appointed as Deputy Head Girl. I was filled with so many emotions. I thought of how far Hannah had come from being such a shy, self-conscious young girl. With all the hard work and effort she had made, alongside the guidance and support from her teachers throughout Years 8 – 14, she is now a driven, confident and hard-working young woman. When my youngest daughter, Rachael, started Ashfield Girls’ and faced all the same challenges, I was confident that it wouldn’t take her long to find her feet. In the short space of time from starting ‘big school’, Rachael quickly joined 5 five different clubs and after-school activities, and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. All any parent ever wants to know is that their child is being supported and encouraged to be the best that they can be. I know that Ashfield Girls’ will do for Rachael what they did for Hannah. I have every confidence that my daughter will thrive in school through hard work, effort and determination.

Annemarie - Parent of Hannah (Former pupil) and Rachael in Year 9