Attendance and Procedures for Absence


Good progress depends upon regular attendance at school. Any absence hinders progress. Please avoid holidays during school terms. Poor attendance will result in a referral to the Education Welfare Officer.


If you have been absent from school you should bring a note from your parent/ carers to your Form Teacher when you return. It should state:

  • Day and date of absence
  • Reason for absence
  • Be signed by the parent/guardian

The note is necessary even though your parent/carers may have telephoned. On a daily basis telephone calls home or texts will be made to investigate unexplained absences.

Dental and Medical Appointments:

These should be arranged outside school hours. When this is not possible, the appointment card should be shown to the Form Teacher at morning registration. Any request to leave school early must be presented to your Form Teacher who will issue a permission slip. This must be shown to the class teacher and presented at reception, when you leave school.


If any girl is feeling unwell she can be referred to the School Nurse by the Form Teacher. The nurse should be informed of any health problems. Parents should give written permission and instructions for the administration of essential medication during the school day. (Form AM1)


You are expected to be punctual to school and to class at all times. Any girl arriving late to school will be detained for 15 minutes at the end of the school day, without permission. If pupils are persistently late parents will be contacted and a 30 minute Pastoral Support and / or a 60 minute Study Support will be given.