Admissions Criteria

Admission Criteria for entry of pupils to Year 13

The Board of Governors expects that all applicants for admission to Ashfield Girls’ High School will support the ethos of the school as outlined in the Prospectus and that an application will indicate that parents agree to this precondition for entry.

The Board of Governors delegate to the Principal, or her nominee, those functions relating to the admission of pupils.

All information on record from a previous school must be available to the Principal before being considered for admission to the school.

For girls to be considered for entry into post - 16 courses they must satisfy three of the following criteria:

1. Entry into Sixth Form is dependent on achieving a minimum of;
• 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C, or
• 4 GCSEs at grades A*-C, plus 1 BTEC at Level 2 graded MERIT, or
• 3 GCSEs at grades A*-C, plus 2 BTECs at Level 2 graded MERIT.

Please note that a Level 2 PASS in OCN IT or OCN Applied Science will be accepted as an equivalent to a GCSE or BTEC qualification.

Please note that Occupational Studies qualifications or the Prince’s Trust (Personal Development & Employability) qualification, cannot be accepted as an equivalent for purposes of admission.

2. Meet the entry requirements to the post-16 course set by the school for the subjects chosen.

3. Have evidence of attendance and punctuality of at least 90% in Year 12. (due to the unintended consequences of covid 19 this can be assessed on a case-by-case basis)

In the event of the school still not reaching its quota after the application of criteria 1-4, then the final place(s) will be offered to those applicant(s) who:

1. Have the highest grade scores over their best five GCSE subjects.

2. Live closest to the main entrance of the school (Holywood Road), as determined by a straight line measurement on an Ordnance Survey Map.

Exceptional circumstances will be considered

Application Form for Year 13 Admission