Year 9 - 12 Admissions Criteria


The Board of Governors delegates, to the Principal, the responsibility of applying the criteria in the selection of Year 9-12 pupils, such selection to be approved by the Board of Governors.



Where the number of applications for admission to the school exceeds the admission number, the following criteria shall apply in the order set down.

1. A girl who has a sister / *child of the family enrolled at Ashfield Girls’ High School at the time of application. (This information must be indicated on the Transfer Application, noting the name of the sister /*child of the family).

2. A girl whose brother / *child of the family currently attends Ashfield Boys’ High School. (This information must be indicated on the Transfer Application, noting the name of the brother / * child of the family)

3. A girl who lives closest to the main entrance of the school (Holywood Road), as determined by a straight-line measurement on an Ordnance Survey Map.

* The criterion “child of the family” will be, defined in relation to the parties to a marriage or parties living together in the same household, interpreted in accordance with Annex 2 paragraphs 3-5 of The Procedure for Transfer from Primary to Post-Primary Education: “Child of the family” means a child of both of them, and any other child who has been treated by both of those parties as a “child of their family”. The Department of Education has been advised that this definition of a child of the family covers:

• a child born to a married couple or to a couple in a civil partnership;
• a child born to a co-habitating couple;
• a child of either / any of those people by a previous marriage, civil partnership or relationship;
• a child living with a couple / individual who has been treated as a ‘child of the family’ whether there is a marriage or a civil partnership or not;
• an adopted or fostered child.


In the event that there is a tie and that more than one applicant resides the same distance from the main entrance of the school (Holywood Road), as determined by a straight-line measurement on an Ordnance Survey Map the following tie breaker will be used (Method B followed by Method A – if required).

Method B – Random Selection of Letters

Applicants will be selected for admission on the basis of the initial letter/s of their surname (as entered on their Birth Certificate) in the order set out below:

E X U D A L Y F O R C S T K M J Mc G W P N Z Q Mac H I B V

In the event of surnames beginning with the same initial letter, the subsequent letters of the surname will be used in alphabetical order. In the event of two identical surnames, the alphabetical order of the forenames will be used (to include all letters).

Method A – Age

Applicants who remain tied after Method B, will be selected for admission based on their age (eldest being admitted first) as established by date of birth as entered on their Birth Certificate.

Please note:

- Priority will be given to children resident in Northern Ireland, at the time of application.
- When considering which children should be selected for admission, the Board of Governors will take into account only information which is detailed on the application form. Parents should ensure that all information pertaining to their child and relevant to the school’s admissions criteria is stated on the Transfer Applicationor uploaded with it.


The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information on any applicant’s Transfer Application.

If the requested evidence is not provided to the Board of Governors by the deadline given, this will result in the withdrawal of an offer of a place. Similarly, if information is supplied which appears to be false or misleading in any material way, the offer of a place will be withdrawn.

Application Form for Admission